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Groom Style: How tailoring can make you feel and look your best

4 Oct 2018 Created by: Lizzie Griffith
Posted in: Weddings

The wedding dress, quite rightly, takes centre stage on the big day but the groom should also be made to feel and look his best. Let’s face it; those wedding photos will be looked at for years to come. And that’s where a tailored suit comes in. It might seem like a big investment but it doesn’t mean a tailored wedding suit can’t be worn again.

Scott Caddick, founder of Colmore Tailors, a Birmingham-based bespoke tailors, says that a groom’s suit can easily be designed for future use, not just for the big day itself.

“I regularly work with clients who want a suit that they can wear again and again, so we design the garment with this in mind. They might want a suit that can double as a blazer they can wear separately, or to have a waistcoat they can wear with jeans. Its all about knowing the client and where and how they will wear the suit moving forward.

“We did one recently for a client who wanted a rugged, tweedy style suit. But also wanted to break it up into separates after the wedding. So we made a soft structured jacket with patch pockets and light shoulders which works perfectly as a suit or a jacket. We also cut the waistcoat a little longer to allow it to be worn with chinos and denim afterwards, which are usually made with a lower rise.

“The suit is also amazing on special occasions in the future, such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. You’ll be wearing something that not only has style but meaning.”

When you think of tailoring, especially the older style, feeling stuffy and uncomfortable might spring to mind, but Scott has seen a big shift in what his clients favour. The recent resurgence in Italian suits has heralded a suit with style and also a comfortable and relaxed feel.

“Italian-style tailoring is back in a big way and it’s what we excel at. This is a more relaxed, lightweight style and approach that still looks incredibly sharp but has ease of movement. Essential for a long wedding day and celebration. That’s not to say that a fabric can’t be tough and durable, but the cut and construction makes the suit feel incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The biggest compliment I receive from clients is that they forget they’re wearing a suit!”

With grooms wearing a suit for up to 10-12 hours, it’s important they feel comfortable, as pre-wedding jitters and then hours of dancing can leave a groom feeling a tad hot and sweaty.

“Grooms don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a coat of armour. They want to feel relaxed and that they are being themselves. We always love to add personal touches where we can. For example, we had one groom whose wedding had a nautical theme and the couple liked to travel, so the lining of the suit was a map of the world. A nice, subtle personal touch they will always remember.”

Using a tailor also means receiving personal customer service where your particular needs are catered too.

“We recently worked with a client who was vegan and very eco-aware so we were mindful of the materials we used. We spent a bit of time sourcing a fabric made from flax which is probably the most eco-friendly of all the textile plants. Just cultivating the crop absorbs 3.7 tonnes of Co2 annually. That’s definitely something he wouldn’t have been able to find on the high street!”

For more information about tailoring, visit Colmore Tailors website 

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